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Does this look familiar? Here's a typical start of the day for 85% of the population... This IS the Rat Race:

Hard work is good for the soul, yes! but who is the work for? Who is it profiting? We pay our taxes and get in line as we were brought up to believe and eventually live in mediocrity until we retire broke. The average percentage of poverty stricken Americans now is at around 85%, do you ever ask yourself why? Ever wonder why you get out of bed each day after smacking the snooze button 3-4 times, hey, who made this alarm clock, The guy that invented the alarm clock is sleeping in because he made his own money instead of working for someone else.

And here is what the other 15% looks like when they start their day. Looks alot more peaceful doesn't it? It IS!

These are the few that understand that theres a difference between working harder and working smarter. Anybody that has money and looking to leverage their income will tell you that money is the hardest worker and you send out those little benjamins to go recruit more little benjamins. It's smarter because they leverage time and money together for a more profitable outcome.


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